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Juanjo Passo


“Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the tango and music has always been an important part of me.“


Since my childhood he began to sing in school and taking private lessons with local tango guitar players to learn the basics of guitar, music theory and ear training.

At the age of thirteen, he came with his family to Sweden, where, after a long break of playing resumed his guitar studies. He began playing tango at the age of sixteen and participated in groups of different musicians. He is self-taught in the genre of tango and have developed his own style in the art of accompaniment. He does accompanies both singers and instrumentalists.

Between 1993-1998 Juanjo and his father founded the cultural Casa del Tango (Tango House), a cultural centre where local and international musicians are presented. Music, singing, poetry and the tango was introduced to the Malmö audience.

In 1999 Juanjo founded the tango group Artango-Malmo which later developed into a larger ensemble called Orquesta Tipica Tangarte. He worked as musical and artistic director of the orchestra developing the repertoire, booking, planning, arranging, and was a correspondent for tours and activities, purchased materials and served as musical head of the three cd’s “Ecos de Tango” , “Lo que vendra” and ” Rumores de Orquesta”. The orchestra has been performing at international music festivals, tango festivals, concert halls, dance events, culture, world festivals and colleges.

In the meantime, he has also lectured on the history of tango and its music for musicians and others interested. During those years, himself and with the orchestra played in different parts of the country and even abroad, concerts and festivals. He has often collaborated with dancers and played arranged music for various tango dance choreographies and also formed various musical configurations ranging from a duo to a larger orchestra.

In spring 2006 he started self-taught studies at the Bandoneon. On the 6th of June 2009 he had his first bandoneon performance with Orchestra Tipica Tangarte and since then he has been playing this instrument and performing in different instrumental constellations.

Juanjo has led courses and workshops in various topics of tango at the Malmö Academy of Music, where he also completed a master’s degree in World music: Global Master/GLOMAS.

Passing on the tradition and sharing his knowledge of tango music is something Juanjo is very passionate about.






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