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Whatever your experience, in life and in dance, join Ricardo Delgado on a journey that will stay with you forever.

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"If you are looking to learn to dance tango in London then Ricardo & TangoAr is definitely your best bet."

Sarah Best | 5 June, 2015
[trim length="90"]If you are looking to learn to dance tango in London then Ricardo & TangoAr is definitely your best bet. I had been dancing salsa for several years, and so have been to lots of dance classes before, and had wanted but never dared to try tango. I dipped my toe in the waters a year or two back, doing the odd drop-in beginners class with various teachers in London, but found I was not getting anywhere fast. The problem was the classes were very big, the standard varied and people did not talk to each other, so it was not easy to see how to get from the class to a Milonga. Then a year ago a chance chat with a colleague at work got me on to Ricardo. This girl is a pretty great tango dancer (as I’ve since observed), and she told me that Ricardo was the best teacher she’d had. Worth a try I thought…. The things I really like about the classes with Ricardo/TangoAr include: the high level of individual attention from Ricardo and real focus on getting the detail right[/trim]Read More

"TangoAR take great pride in seeing their individual dancers develop"

Aimee Broughton | 2 June, 2015
[trim length="90"]I have been dancing Argentine Tango a couple of years and have taken various classes in both Amsterdam and London. TangoAR has by far improved my technique the most. After my first class with Ricardo, I quickly learnt that there were quite a few flaws in my basic skills. It was obvious that the previous classes I had attended had concentrated only on teaching the clever kicks and flicks and hadn't afforded adequate time in refining my personal dancing technique. Ricardo has worked with me to build my technique back up from a much better and more solid foundation- the personal attention to detail has been fantastic and I feel that TangoAR take great pride in seeing their individual dancers develop. It has also surprised me how quickly the male dancers have developed into really good leaders in Ricardo's classes. The class sizes are good and the level of experience of the classes are well matched to individuals. Definitely recommend.[/trim]Read More

"I can’t compare TangoAr to any other"

Ruta Malinauskaite | 31 May, 2015
[trim length="90"]Ever since I was a child I just looooved tango. It is such a beautiful dance I think. So not long ago I decided to finally learn to dance it. I can't compare TangoAr to any other place as TangoAr is where I started learning tango for the first time. I can say, however, that I really enjoy it. The atmosphere is very nice and everyone is very friendly. And the studio is very nice too (which is equally important). I personally believe that if you get the basics right from the very beginning, you will feel more confident and learning more complicated things will not seem too difficult. And I think that Ricardo is very good at teaching and explaining how to get those very important basics right. He is very good at explaining the technique. At least for me it ...[/trim]Read More